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Sheri Lyn Neumoyer-Mustaine
6 December
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I am currently recovering from 3 neurosurgeries (2 craniotomies & 1 maxillofacial) and another maxillofacial.
I've had Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia since March 2004.

Despite having ATN, someday I WILL sing again.



Has an intense personality. Has more love for her family than they will ever know. Believes everything happens for a reason, even if it doesn’t make sense at the time. Does not believe in hate. Gives everyone a chance, then a second. Wishes people would get to know her before making a judgment. Tries always to be as honest as possible. Is grateful that she was given a second chance at life. Depends on the Universe and karma to take care of all situations. Believes the truth always comes out. Won’t kill anything unless it is suffering. Loves all animals. Is human and makes mistakes. Has learned not to avenge. Is very aware that there are many people whose lives are so much worse than hers. Forgives a little too easily. Will never mistake money and excitement for love. Keeps promises. Is easily approachable, even if you may have wronged her in the past. Tries to take care of the world and all living creatures. Never forgets when something nice is done for her.

I believe HEAVILY in karma and always try to stop and think before reacting. That is the key to not speaking or acting out of anger. At least, I think so!
Some of my favorite things to do are sing, almost any type of performing, attending plays and going to concerts. I've had classical voice training, largely for musical theater. Although, I'd love to sing in a metal band consistently before I die. I'm in love with my handful of friends. They are placed all over the country and a few overseas. Okay, maybe I have two handfuls of friends. They are all my life. I LOVE LIVE BANDS. I am very lucky because I know some really great musicians. My daddy played guitar, and when I was a kid, my daddy's friends would come over to play with him and they would let me sing. Some of my most influential singers are Geoff Tate, Bruce Dickenson, Ronnie James Dio, Joey Belladonna, Dave Mustaine (I know I know), Sarah Brightman, Pamela Moore, Jon Oliva, Rob Halford, Ann & Nancy Wilson, Michael Kiske, and Freddy Mercury.
I've been performing in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" for over 15 years. In 1995-96 I played the part of "Janet Weiss" every Saturday night for 78 weeks straight. I only missed one performance because I was in England, although I did attend Rocky Horror in London that night. I love to guest perform with my friend's casts and in Conventions all over the country. My "first" part is obviously Janet, but I play 6 other characters as well. I also perform in "Shock Treatment" the "equal" to Rocky Horror as "Nurse Ansalong" and "Janet Majors".
Let's see... I love pictures. There is always fun to be had with a camera. I like to write, I have tons of poetry on my website and then a bunch in notebooks, on scrap paper, napkins and anything else I can get my hands on when I feel inspired. I have documented most of my life through pictures, video, poetry, diaries and journals. I'd like to write a book or two in this lifetime. Currently, I am working on a book about Trigeminal Neuralgia and a very rare post-operative side effect called, "reconstructive dysesthesia".
I absolutely love nature. I can spend hours strolling around or sitting on the ground watching birds, squirrels, rabbits and any other critter that may come by.

I suffer from a rare cranial nerve disorder called Trigeminal Neuralgia or "tic doloureux". I have Atypical TN, which means I have pain all the time and get attacks as well. It affects the left side of my face. It causes intense pain in any or all of the following: the ear, eye, lips, nose, scalp, forehead, teeth, tongue, and jaw. TN can bring about stabbing, mind-numbing, electric shock-like pain from just a finger's brush of the cheek, a gentle breeze, or spontaneously without any stimulation at all. It is known as the worst pain known to medical science. It is often called "The Suicide Disease", as many people who suffer from it without successful treatment commit suicide.
I've had symptoms of this disease since 2004 and have had 7 relevant surgeries. From June 2009 to October 2009 I had neurosurgery three times, (2 craniotomies and 1 oral-maxillofacial). The second brain surgery (Partial Sensory Rhizotomy of the Trigeminal Nerve) I had in July 2009 is very rarely performed and it ended up causing a rare side effect called Reconstructive Dysesthesia. My neurosurgeon, Dr. Peter Jannetta, told me it will take about one to two years for the painful part of the dysesethesia to subside, but it's still very strong. Recovering from this side effect is suppose to mirror what it would feel like if you had half of your head and face crushed and lived through it. I have been doing my best to document this experience, as there is very little literature about this type of dysesthesia, therefore, I'd like to get my writings published at some point.
I would really like to start a Cranial Nerve Disorder Awareness Campaign someday, since this disease is very often misdiagnosed and treated improperly, hence the suicide. There has to be a reason for the agony I've gone through, so I'm going to try and help others who are also suffering through this as well.

My master plan is to marry Dave Mustaine and we shall take over the world together. A girls gotta have goals! Right?

Avatar Sheri...

This is "Evil Sheri"...

This is a picture of me and Acey Slade. We were friends before he was a big Rock Star ;)

This is me when I was 16 years old. My boyfriend Tim who's name now is Leif, took the picture. He is now my longest living friend. Twenty long years, since we were kids.

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