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We are raising money for my friend Carolyn, who has atypical trigeminal neuralgia, a rare, chronic type of severe facial nerve pain. She has had eight unsuccessful brain surgeries so far, but a very rare brain surgery, Descending Tractotomy of the Trigeminal Nerve, has been offered that we hope will give her some relief from the pain. She badly needs financial help for trip expenses from Georgia to Pittsburgh and lodging.  Please click on the link below to send a donation straight to Carolyn's Paypal account.  If you can not use Paypal, please contact me and I will provide you with Carolyn's home mailing address.  Any amount will help.


Her disease has no known cure, limited options for treatment, and is nicknamed the "suicide disease," as it is considered the worst known pain to modern medicine. Carolyn has suffered with this for 21 years. Her best hope right now is an uncommon brain surgery suggested by the world-renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Peter Jannetta. This procedure will cause loss of movement and feeling in her left arm and the left side of her face, but Carolyn considers this a small price to pay for relief from pain. She sees him on July 20 at Allegheny Hospital. She has good insurance but cannot afford the expense of lodging and travel. This is critical for the future of her and her family of husband and son. Any amount will help.

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